Marching Bells

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After a short glimpse of the possibilities of composing triggered by Park Sonata I realized that in order to get new ideas, I’d need to pay more attention to sources around me. What could inspire me to write a next line, or a next song?

I guess this is very similar to the process of writing. In creating a writing habit, more than discipline, you need different topics to write about – so everything around you is a potential topic.

The date now is July 4th, 2009.

Invited by a friend to watch the fireworks in NYC, it was were the first idea for Marching Bells came to me.

I know that music, as other forms of art, is interpreted differently by every one who experience it. So I’d suggest you to listen to it and get your first impression before I write the details, or what I should call: the “Composer’s Cut

Marching Bells

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The main line (melody) was what I had that day. The full arrangement was put together 2 days later, on July 6th.

Now if you focus only on the main melody, those are the fireworks I saw – and heard – that day. In slow motion. And expressed in music notation.

Inspiration can come from different places, people, situation or words. We just need to listen more.

Feel free to download and distribute!

Marching Bells by Lucas Persona is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



  1. Lucas, how beautiful! It’s remind me my ballet era when I was a classical ballet dancer and enjoyed classical musics all day long… You inspired me to listen more classical musics and think in what beautiful the life is!!!


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