Tonara – for modern times’ musicians

Sheet Music Publishing was once the largest player in the music industry. With the invention of the phonograph and advances in recording and distribution technologies, Recording companies became the largest force in this industry since the 20th century. But the sheet music market isn’t dead and annual sales’ estimates are over USD$2 bi. Those who [...]

Marching Bells

After a short glimpse of the possibilities of composing triggered by Park Sonata I realized that in order to get new ideas, I’d need to pay more attention to sources around me. What could inspire me to write a next line, or a next song? I guess this is very similar to the process of [...]

Park Sonata

What does it take to compose a new song? I’m still not sure if there is a right answer after composing a few. Each one seems to have followed a different path. Some were created over a long period of time. Others came to me at once. Park Sonata is my first attempt at composing [...]

A hobby. A discovery.

I’ve been involved with music from an early age. Starting with keyboard lessons many years ago and having some piano classes as well, I’ve kept music as a hobby without thinking on further improvements. In the beginning of 2009 after years without a constant piano practice, the frustration of not having the same agility in [...]