Resolution into Action: Happy 2011!

This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil)

At this time of the year we hear (and make) many resolutions. Start this, stop that.

And a new update to my site ( which now includes an English section ( has been part of many new year’s resolutions.

But there was always something to improve before a launch. A small detail, a new technology, another tool. It had to be perfect!


One of the key barriers that each person has related to delivering – be it at work, at home, a personal project or social interactions – is the idea that it needs to be perfect to be worthy.

Great painters have hundreds of works – and a few masterpieces. Architects, musicians, entrepreneurs and technicians are the same. One way to create a masterpiece is to increase production and delivery. To make the process of delivering something constant and confortable.

And after a long recess in delivering, today I finally launch a new version. Maybe it’s not perfect – but it’s delivered.

From all resolutions you’ve made this new year, which can you deliver today?


  1. Hi Lucas,
    I enjoyed this bit of information. I struggle with getting things in the “complete” pile for this reason sometimes. Thanks for the encouragement to deliver more consistently.



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